Summertime in the Florida Keys is amazing if you love the ocean and being out on the water. Beginning in July, the beaches are busy and the waters begin to crowd. Every year Sombrero Beach hosts a 4th of July parade, which is extremely fun for children of all ages and they also host an evening firework display. Many locals and vacationers can watch the spectacular event from Sombrero Beach, Sunset Park in Key Colony Beach, or by water. Fireworks begin after sunset. 

Towards the end of July, the last Wednesday and Thursday to be exact, people from all over come to the Florida Keys in search of spiny lobster. There is a two day “recreational” sport mini season that allows the general public to catch their bag limit each day, prior to commercial fisherman putting in their lobster traps. Please keep in mind you must have a valid fishing license with a lobster permit to harvest these creatures and must have the proper equipment. Check with FWC to review the requirements. 

There are two methods to harvest spiny lobster during this two day event. One, you can dive or snorkel for them, using a tickle stick and net to catch the fast creatures. Or if you prefer to stay in a boat and stay dry, bully netting is a technique used, but only at night. 

Remember in July it is very hot, so remember to pack your sunscreen! We hope to see you in the Florida Keys soon and ask us about our summertime rates for the beautiful Key Colony Beach Palm Villa residence.